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So sweet! She's lucky to have a mom such as yourself.

Bettye Mistrot

And your "lovely Mom" would like to add that a wonderful blessing came into my life and grew into a smart, charming,and special best friend more years ago than either of us would like to admit, my daughter Danice! I only wish your Dad was here to see you now and meet Lauren.
I also remember meeting lovely Lauren and looking into the face of a precious blue-eyed little girl saying "Now what should I call you?" My reply was what would you like to call me? For a moment I saw the wheels of deep thought turning and then the reply "How about Grandma Bettye?"
Oh be still my heart the circle of life is complete!!!! How wonderful it has been to be Grandma Bettye and I look forward to many more wonderful years watching the growth of a precious young lady, my granddaughter Lauren!


Mommy! That is so lovely and sweet! I love you much!!

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