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I just love you! I had so much fun I told my husband I don't need to go home-- but he knew better. Really truly honestly, I didn't want to go anymore after I got home. He noticed the change in me too! I had such a good time and even took him there three times since. Anyway, I have some sad news so I better just call you to tell you. I'm happy, but sad at the same time because I am leaving you :( and the time I could be spending with you. I just had such a good time. I have only met three women in my entire life that I felt so comfortable and like I could be myself around...you are one of them. Now you are stuck with me and my Cajun slash ghetto slash whatever the hell New Orleans is made of lol for life.

Love you! Thank you so much!

Danice Oliver

I so cant believe you are leaving me!It was such a short honeymoon!Lol.Okay, go, have fun!But, please come back!Otherwise what will I do with all my red beans??? Love you girl!

To [email protected]

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